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About Us

Pich is a secular freethought content platform. It exists to provide non-theistic content creators with a space to share progressive ideas and stimulate growth. Our aim is help you connect and share useful ideas with other individuals or organizations.

We believe people's personal experiences are the best possible resource in fixing our social problems. Therefore, they must be shared relatably, protected and valued at all times.

We started off in 2018 and launched 2019 as an offline initiative “Project_ICH.” working in schools, training debaters, public speakers and content creators.

Since then, we have evolved through collaborations with many organizations and unique individuals, web developers, debaters, designers and bloggers whose valuable insights as stakeholders and contributors continue guiding our vision today.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide your ideas with a reliable interactive content ecosystem built on values of empathy, logic and progress by people who care.

Our vision is guided by non-theistic Humanist values of freedom of expression, mutual respect and pursuit of personal fulfillment.

We want to be a leading contributor to the growth of secular ideas and provide an provide an expressive, accessible opportunity to all sidelined emerging thought in individuals, businesses and social systems. To give an adequate voice to those who are either asking questions or providing solutions for other people's problems.