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January 22, 2021

Hey there. Compliments of the new season.

We are glad you made it past the 2020 rollercoaster of a year. We hope you are as excited as we are about how we will all shape up after this crisis.

You may be wondering who we are. Don’t worry, we will answer that in a bit.

We are an open platform by Secular Humanists. Our agenda is to facilitate and inspire the growth of progressive ideas hence our theme "share your perception."

Others may recognize us from our old pages with those god-awful memes when we were still Project_ICH. We have grown so much since then. And are looking forward to doing even more.

This is the link to our Medium publication; our contributors will have some great content there too as well.

Why are we here?

As we mentioned earler we want facilitate the growth and reach of non-theistic ideas and the perceptions they are built upon.

You may have noticed that the blogging world in the African context isn’t so open to unconventional progressive thought. And worse, freethinkers don't exactly get good representation on both local and international platforms either.

One of our major goals is to change that.

We are a fun and accommodating bunch who love experimenting and we will be doing quite a lot of that with the goal of creating an accessible world for open exchange of ideas.

Our philosophy in design and structure is increasing reach through simplicity, convenience and easy of access.

Who is our audience?

You, the curious person who cared enough to click on this page to find out what's going on. We want you and others who haven't come across us to know that there is this option.

Hmmm did we actually answer that?

Our audience are the curious souls looking for, or to share smart and bright ideas. The ones who can't wait to view the world through the beauty of other's eyes and innovate where possible.

Their audience is our audience. We are just aiming to broaden reach.

What can you expect here?

The better question to ask would be: what you shouldn’t expect?

We are totally against hate speech, harmful content that is deliberately skewed to mislead you the readers.

You can expect to find various unique and useful contributions by people who care and are dedicated to positively influencing domains which affect us in our general lives.

Email us or use this form if you see an area where we must improve or want to find out

We will definitely get back to you and plug that issue right away.

Are you interested in being a contributor?

That's great. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Are you a writer or a sponsor for a certain type of content? A business or maybe an organization looking to raise consciousness on something important?

Send us an email here. Tell us more about yourself and your plan and we will get back to you within a week.

Don’t hesitate. No one else can share your ideas better than you. This could be the start of a great adventure.

We currently have a small team of contributors, and we hope to add you. Read more here to find out how you can get to work with us.

Is there something important we left out? Please feel free to contact us on our email or social media accounts.

We hope you have a great year.

Yours cheerfully

PICH team